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Should I use an insurance company’s “preferred shop” or choose the Body Shop Asheville NC Raves About?

The Body Shop Asheville NC Car Dealerships Depend Upon can be your choice

First, it is your right to hire the Body Shop Asheville NC Reviews have called “The Best in Town”.  You don’t have car accidents often, so you may want to know how it works.  It is your choice to repair your vehicle, and no insurance company can force you to use their “preferred body shop in Asheville NC “.

But should you allow an insurance company to send your vehicle to their preferred shop for repair?  Here is how a body shop Asheville NC has on the list acquires the insurance company business.

Body Shop Asheville NC

Body Shop Asheville NC

The Body Shop Asheville NC Depends Upon To Fight For Your Rights

A repair facility becomes a “preferred shop” by signing a Direct Repair Agreement (link to agreement) with an insurance company.  Many of these agreements change the basic relationships between the parties to an insurance-covered auto repair.  Normally, a vehicle owner contracts with the repair facility of his or her choice to make repairs to the car.  The insurance company’s role, either under the owner’s insurance policy or the policy of the at-fault driver, is to pay the reasonable cost of making the repairs on behalf of the responsible party.  The insurance companies are not collision repair experts, and they refuse any responsibility for the repairs made by the repair facility.


The repair facility’s customer is clearly the vehicle owner.

The direct repair agreement in many cases changes these relationships by providing that the insurance company is hiring the repair facility to make repairs to the insured vehicle as specified and approved by the insurance company, according to the insurance company’s guidelines!  Payment for the repairs is made directly by the insurance company to the repair facility.  Now who is the repair facility’s customer?  Probably both the insurance company and the vehicle owner.  But who controls the repair (while still refusing responsibility), and who has lost control?


We Are The Body Shop Asheville NC Can Depend Upon to Fight For Your Rights

It is for this reason that Harry’s Body & Fender Service declines to sign most insurance direct repair agreements.  Our customer is and always will be the vehicle owner only, and we are preferred by our customers, the owners of the vehicles we repair.  Just ask your friends who have had their vehicles repaired by us.

The Body Shop Asheville NC


Body Shop Asheville NC

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